ILVE Britannia Range Cooker Gas Hob Burner Ring Set x 6, Make your Hob Look Like New Again If You Have Damaged Or Oxidised & Discoloured Burner Bodies, Includes 2 Large Wok 15cm, 3 x Rapid 10cm And 1 x Small 8.5cm Semi Rapid, Original Spare Parts

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ILVE Britannia Range Cooker & Gas Hob Burner Ring Set x 6

Have you accidentally washed all of your burner rings on your ILVE / Britannia cooker and now they are all black / discoloured? Well this full set of burner rings will get your hob looking like new once again! The kit includes 6 new burner rings and represents a large cost saving over parts bought individually.

Set Includes:

  • 2 Large Wok Burners 15cm Diameter
  • 3 x Rapid Burners 10cm Diameter
  • 1 x Small Semi Rapid Burner 8.5cm Diameter


  • Two Hole Version Which Will Replace Older 1 Hole Types
  • Fits all ILVE range cookers and built in gas hobs
  • Fits all Britannia range cookers and hobs manufactured by ILVE* SEE NOTE!
  • Other combinations available
  • Cost saving over parts bought individually.

*Britannia Owners PLEASE NOTE that these are only suitable for Britannia cookers manufactured by ILVE Italy, with model numbers starting 'SI -' These are NOT suitable for Britannia cookers starting with model numbers 'RC' which were manufactured by Bertazzoni.

If you are unsure about compatibility, then please contact us and provide your full model number (usually found on your instruction book or behind the door) or send us some images of the required parts vis the attachment facility and we will be happy to check for you.

Original Britannia/ ILVE Spares